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Love Burned



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Holders may enter first come first serve and raffle offerings for upcoming project allowlist using $LOVE. All $LOVE used to enter allowlist offering is burnt!
Holders may use $LOVE for NFTs on the Loveless City marketplace. These will be a mix of first come first serve and raffles redeemable with $LOVE. NFTs will be selected from both Loveless City and other projects! $LOVE used on NFT giveaway entries will be burnt!
MetroPass, Passport, Abnormal Jean, Passgame 1 & 2, Exclusives, Egghead Jones, and MetaChamps Genesis will yield $LOVE daily. Daily yields vary depending on the staking multipliers of each NFT.
Use $LOVE to upgrade your Metropass’s staking multiplier stat and daily $LOVE yield. $LOVE used in the process is burnt!
Use $LOVE to re-roll for a higher staking multiplier stat on your Metropass. $LOVE is burned during rerolls.
We will have NFT drops that will only be available for redemption with $LOVE for both Metropass holders AND the public. These will be lower supply drops of new and exclusive NFTs from LoveLess City and partner projects. $LOVE used to redeem drops will be burnt!
Use $LOVE to redeem direct listings as well as participate in $LOVE auctions for both Loveless City and other partner NFTs!
Use $LOVE to redeem merch on the Loveless City marketplace and other upcoming websites! This may include clothing, accessories, and physical art works just to name a few. $LOVE used to redeem merch will be burnt!
Holders will be able to use $LOVE, which is then burnt, to enter giveaways and primary offerings for IRL events!


The Loveless City team will not initiate any type of presale or initial offering for $love. There are no intentions or plans for this to occur by the Loveless City team in the future as well. Furthermore, the Loveless City team will not be providing any funding to establish liquidity pools and also does not have any intention to in the future. The Loveless City team will not take part in and is not directly responsible for any DeFi activities involving $love at any point in time. $Love is purely created to be a utility coin within the Loveless City Ecosystem. $LOVE will be used as a utility to redeem various items and rewards at no cost or commitment requirement to the redeemer. $Love should not be interpreted, used, or advertised as an investment vehicle

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